2nd issue of the Gradio newsletter! πŸ†•

Every two weeks, we’ll be sharing the latest news from the machine learning world, including the state-of-the-art machine learning models and demos that you can try right in your browser. Read on below πŸ‘‡

  • Gradio has been acquired by Huggingface πŸ€—
  • Gradio Version 2.6.0 βœ…
  • New Gradio Huggingface Spaces Demos βœ…

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Gradio Version 2.6.0 βœ…

We released Gradio version 2.6.0 with a lot of new features. Read the full release notes here, or we’ve summarized the key enhancements below: πŸš€

Gradio version 2.6.0 includes several enhancements to the library: πŸ†•

  1. Integration with transformers pipeline πŸ› οΈ
  2. Native Embeddings for Spaces Demos πŸ–₯️
  3. Our website now builds from this repo πŸš€
  4. Other Fixes and Deprecations 🩹

Gradio is joining Hugging Face πŸ€—! By acquiring Gradio, a machine learning startup, Hugging Face will be able to offer users, developers, and data scientists the tools needed to get to high level results and create better models and tools...

Hmm, paragraphs about acquisitions like the one above are so common that an algorithm could write them. In fact, one did!! This first paragraph was written with the Acquisition Post Generator, a machine learning demo on Hugging Face Spaces. You can run it yourself in your browser: provide the names of any two companies and you'll get a reasonable-sounding start to an article announcing their acquisition!

The Acquisition Post Generator was built using our open-source Gradio library -- it is just one of our recent collaborations with Hugging Face. And I'm excited to announce that these collaborations are culminating in... πŸ₯ Hugging Face's acquisition of Gradio (so yes, that first paragraph might have been written by an algorithm but it's true!)

πŸ†• Huggingface Spaces πŸš€

πŸ€— Spaces is out of beta, create your demos on Spaces using Gradio πŸš€ Here are some good ones to check out.


Super Pyxelate converts images to 8-bit pixel art. It is an improved, faster implementation of the original Pyxelate algorithm with palette transfer support and enhanced dithering.

  • Github:
  • Spaces Demo:
  • Spaces Code:

Stylegan 3 Interpolation

Generate interpolation videos using stylegan 3 for 14 pretrained models

  • Github:
  • Spaces Demo:
  • Spaces Code:

Perceiver for optical flow

Demo for predicting optical flow (i.e. the task of, given 2 images, estimating the 2D displacement for each pixel in the first image) with Perceiver IO.

  • paper:
  • Spaces Demo:
  • Spaces Code:

Voice Authentication with UniSpeech-SAT + X-Vectors

UniSpeech-SAT by Microsoft Research, compares two speech samples and determine if they are from the same speaker.

  • Paper:
  • Spaces Demo:
  • Spaces Code:


OpenAI's ImageGPT: Generative Pretraining from Pixels.

  • Blog:
  • Spaces Demo:
  • Spaces Code: