Gradio v3.0 is out

release notes:

Gradio 3.0 is the biggest update to the library, ever. Here's what's new:

1. Blocks 🧱

Blocks is a new, low-level API that allows you to have full control over the data flows and layout of your application. You can build complex, multi-step demos with Blocks: read more here in our dedicated Guide

2. Our Revamped Design 🎨

We've upgraded our design across the entire library: from components, and layouts all the way to dark mode.

3. A New Website 💻

We've upgraded to make it cleaner, faster and easier to use. Our docs now come with components and demos embedded directly on the page. So you can quickly get up to speed with what you're looking for.

4. New Components: Model3D, Dataset, and More..

We've introduced a lot of new components in 3.0, including Model3D, Dataset, Markdown, Button and Gallery. You can find all the components and play around with them here:

Gradio Blocks Party 🎉 is open

We are happy to invite you to the Gradio Blocks Party - a community event in which we will create interactive demos for state-of-the-art machine learning models. Demos are powerful because they allow anyone — not just ML engineers — to try out models in the browser, give feedback on predictions, identify trustworthy models. The event will take place from May 17th to 31st. We will be organizing this event on Hugging Face and the Hugging Face discord server, check the gradio channel for staying up to date with the event. Prizes will be given at the end of the event.

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